For Advance Seminars on Ayurveda by Prof. Subhash Ranade, Dr. Sunanda Ranade, Prof. Avinash Lele, and Dr. Bharati Lele And also for Ayurvedic medicines of Amrut Aushadhi, books and CDROM's Please Contact- 
Following centers are working in collaboration of International Academy of Ayurveda.
Bergler School of Massage
Mr. Bergler and Mr. Peter Huber-
Elisabeth Strasse 17-19 Graz,

Tel: 0043-316-381071
Mr. Joseph Bergler
Mr. Peter Huber
Atreya Smith
Director, Europian Center of Vedic Studies Has written books on Ayurveda and conducts courses on Ayurveda in France and Swiss.
Seva Akademie
Helga Schmidt
Zweigstrasse 10
Muenchen, 80336
Tel. 0049- 7904680
First Institute of RET
Prof. Norbert Lotz

He is the director of RET school and psychology training center in Frankfurt. Author of the Book on Ayurveda for Long Life. (www.first-instutut.de)

Contact Address -
53 Sandweg,
Renate Bauer

Ayata Ayurveda
Regina Mahl
Karlsruhe and Waldbronn

Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation
Mr. Istvan Josef Riesz
H-1055 Budapest,
Balaton u. 22 - 24.,
Phone/Fax: 00-(36-1)-331-2316, 353-1591,
Phone: 00-(36-1)-331-4350

Mr. Istvan Josef Riesz, He is chaiman of HAMF which is propagating Ayurveda in Hungary sisnce last 10 years has served for 4 years in Consulate of Hungary as diplomat and is managing director of Garuda Trade Ltd., Hungary.
Dr. Eran Magon
Ambassador for IAA
Israel Center of Ayurveda
Broshim Campus
Sports Comples
Tel Aviv University
SKA Ayurveda
Directors: Basiliza Querimit
Via Binda 16/b, Milano, Italy
Tel. 0039-02-89121959

Basiliza Querimit
She is the founder President of SKA Ayurveda in Milano-Italy. She is expert Ayurvedic masseur and is working in the field of Ayurveda since last 15 years. Since last 5 years she is counducting three level courses of Ayurvedic Massage in collaboration with International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune, which have been recognized for the Diploma status by Open International University of Complimentary Medicine in Sri Lanka. She has also obtained degree of Naturopathy in Italy.

Gitananda Ashram
Swami Yogananda Giri and
Swamini Hamsananda
Gitananda Ashram
Ateno Veda Vyasa
Ayurveda Teaching , consultation and Panchakarma center.
Savona,Carcare - Liguria Italy

Amadio Bianchi

Amadio Bianchi is the President of European Yoga Federation, the Official Italian Confederation of Yoga and International Yoga and Ayurveda School C.Y. Surya, Milan, Italy; Founder Member of the World M.Y.A. World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda and World M.I.F.A. World Movement for Indian Fine Arts.He lives and works in Milan, Italy and has held numerous courses not only in Italy, but in different parts of the world, namely Greece, France, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Argentina, Romania and Portugal. He regularly gives lectutres at major congresses. He has been a guest in national television and radio presentations. In addition to Yoga and Ayurveda he is actively involved in the area of te Ayurvedic Indian Medicine and Indian philosophy and culture. He got in touch with the oriental thinking by publishing two studies on philosophy: "The Evolution" and "The symbols", allowing him greater insight into Oriental culture. He contributes regularly to different magazines, periodicals, publishing houses, television programmes, as adviser, a guest or author of article titles for regular columns.

Foundation for Health
Zana Kiesner,
Bellotiego 1,
Tel. Fax : 0048-22-6363401

Mrs. Zanna Kiesner is Incharge of the Center.
For Seminars on Ayurveda, Panchakarma procedures and Ayurvedic medicines,
Please Contact-

International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune, India deputes every three months, Expert Ayurvedic Physicians to Poland. The project is ongoing since 1997.

Following physicians have visited this center:
Dr.Dedge, Dr.Rajan Ravat, Dr.Suhas Herlekar, Dr.Vijay Bhandare, Dr.D. R. Juvekar, Dr.Ajit Mandlecha, Dr.Dilip Bhusari, Dr. D. U. Ghegade, Dr.Bhaskar Phaphale, Dr.Nitin Desai, Dr.Kaustubha Dhumal, 
Dr.Sanjeev Gosavi, Dr.Swati Chobhe, Dr.Pankaj Patil, Dr. Yogesh Gandhe and Dr. Vinay Huilgolkar.
School of Ayurvedic Culture
Directors - Dr. Angela Sanz and Miss Nazuna Yeo
C/ Ravella,
15 Pral 2? 08021

Tel: 0034-93-2405219
Fax: 0034-93-2405678

Dr. Angela Sanz
Ayurveda Doctor Natur?pata
Director of the "School the International of the Ayurveda Culture"
Natural and preventive Medicine specialist. She takes working and investigating with Ayurveda more than 10 years. Member of the "Advisory Council", and of the Association the International of yurveda "International Ayurveda Association" of Pune (India). angelasanz@escueladeayurveda.com
Miss Nazuna Yeo
Banys 98
La Garigga
Tel. 0034-93-8718514
Mr. Peter Sebaur is owner of Hotel Caproig and Hotel Eden Rock. For Seminars on Ayurveda, Ayurvedic medicines of Amrut Aushadhi, books and CDROM's.
Sussane Godli
In Boden 29,
Zurich, Swiss
Tel : 00411-3713600
E-mail : godli@bluewin.ch
Ananda Sanga Educational Institute
Martin Combrinck
South Africa Representative
E-mail : info@asanga.org.za
1. Ayurveda Institute Of America
hans.jpg (5680 bytes)
Dr Jay Apte
Director Institute of Study of Medicine.
She established "Heath & Nature," an Ayurvedic clinic in Coppell (Dallas), Texas. She also has another office in Houston in mid-1990s and has continued to add innovative new services based on the traditional science of Ayurveda.Dr. Jay Apte is a founder of Herb Supplement Company "Herbal Care" which develops, markets and distributes Ayurvedic supplements throughout US. In 1999, she opened an educational institution "Ayurveda Institute of America" to teach Ayurveda to various medical professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, registered nurses and physician's assistants as well as others.
2. Ayurveda Academy
hans.jpg (5680 bytes)
Dr. Vivek Shanbhag,
(ND, MD(Ayurved), BAMS
Dr. Shanbhag is Medical Director of a team of six health care practioners at AYU Natural Medicine Clinic, Seattle, U.S.A. His clinical, teaching and research experience spans over 16 years. He is Director of AYU Academy and author of Beginner's Introduction to Ayurveda. During 1991-96, he was Chairman of Ayurvedic Medicine Department at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine, Seattle, U.S.A. During 1985-88 he was Head of Institute of Research in Ayur-Vedic Medicine, Poona, India. Dr. Shanbhag's 14 years of Ayurvedic and Naturopathic clinical training includes s Ayurvedic Graduation(BAMS) at Karnataka University, post-graduation(MD-Ayurved) at Poona University and Doctorate in Naturophathic Medicine(ND) at Bastyr University.
3. American Institute of Vedic Studies
Dr. David Frawley
Dr. Frawley is recognised as a leading Vedic Scholar, astrologer and Ayurvedic academian. His books on astrology, Ayurved and Yoga philosophy have been published in U.S.A. and in India. Apart from being the director of the American Institute of Vedic Sciences, he is on the advisory council of various Institutions in Europe, the United States and India.
4. Integrated Wellness Center of USA
hans.jpg (5680 bytes)
Dr.Mahesh Kanojia,
Dr. Mahesh D Kanojia, after finishing his MBBS from GS Medical College, University of Bombay, India in 1973 moved to USA in 1974. He did his ?Fellowship in Medical Oncology? at the UT, MD Anderson hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston, Texas from 1980 to 1982. There he was a Faculty at the same Institute from 1982 to 1983 and did research in Bone Marrow Transplantation and GI cancers. In 1997, he established Beaumont Cancer Institute (BCI) and he is a President of the organization till now. BCI is pioneer in Holistic Approach to cancer management. In 2004, he founded the ?Integrated Wellness Centers of America (IWCA)? in Houston Texas and has many branches worldwide. This center will be starting Ayurveda Schools in Baltimore and San Diego from Oct. 2006
Nicole Siboney
1. Suddha Dharma Mandal
Dr. Jose Rugue
Dr. Jose Rugue is the President of Suddha Dharma Mandalam, Sao Paulo, Brazil. This center propagates Yoga and Ayurveda in Brazil.

Contact Address:
R. Alexandre Marquez 503,
B. Martins, Cep 38400-446
Website - www.suddha.net
2. Manisha Ayurveda Center
3. International Yoga Federation
Swami Maitreyananda - Dr. Estavez,
World President of Yoga, Argentina
1. Australian College of Ayurvedic Medicine
Dr. Frank Ros

Website -
www.ayurvedahc.com And

Dr. Frank Ros MD Ayu, ND, D.Ac. Ayu is qualified naturopath & Ayurvedic Practitioner He also practices Marma punchure which is the Ayurvedic equivalent of Acupuncture. He is professional member of Naturopathic Practitioner Association (NPA) as well as Life member of Acupuncture Society of India (AAPA). He has lectured widely on marmapuncture in Australia & USA.
1. Light on Ayurveda Educatio Foundation Inc
This Foundation 'Light on Ayurveda Journal' in USA, which is quarterly publication. Genevieve Ryder is the Editor in chief of this journal. Annual subscriprion is
USA is 28.00$
International 36.00$
Website- www.loaj.com
2. Ayurveda For You
Good organization for getting Ayurvedic medicines and books from India.
Website- www.ayurveda-foryou.com