Commonly Asked Questions

What can I expect when I come to the Ayurved Health Centre?

Most programs begin with an Ayurvedic Consultation to determine your constitution and the nature of any present imbalances in your body and mind. Then we design a program of care to support your journey towards optimal health.

Is Ayurved for sick people or for those who simply want to optimize their well being?

Each program is individually designed to meet the needs and desires of our clients. Whether you are coming to see us as part of a program to help you heal from a chronic disease condition, or whether you are well and want to work with us to optimize your health, a program of care can be created for you.

Are there any follow-up visits to support me in my healing journey?

Many programs include follow-up consultations to monitor your progress and adjust any herbal preparations that may have been recommended. During your follow-up visits we discuss your successes and any challenges you may face in implementing the program. We also offer optional Ayurvedic support groups along with Yoga and Meditation.

Can I just come in for Ayurvedic Massage or Shirodhara?

Yes. However, we feel that it is always best to have a consultation first to determine your constitution. Ayurvedic Massage and Shirodhara can be performed without an initial evaluation.

I am coming from out of town and would like to receive Panchakarma. Can I be evaluated and then begin Panchakarma the same day?

An evaluation is necessary before beginning Panchakarma. This helps us design the best program possible for you. Your evaluation can be done on the first day of your visit and Panchakarma can begin the following day.