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Advanced Nutrition Course



  1. Advance Practical Training Course
    This course is designed for those students who have some initial training in Ayurved. This course includes practical clinical training in diagnosis, case studies, Ayurvedic massage, panchakarma and other allied methods essential for purification of body. Students will get opportunity to practice their various panchakarma treatments on patients and / or receive the experience of panchakarma on themselves. The framework of this course can be flexible enough to cater to the individual interests of students. On the same line, we have advanced courses for the other subjects like Marma Therapy, Ayurvedic Massage, Herbology, Ayurvedic Pharmalogy, Indian Ayurvedic Cooking, Alchemy (the science of Bhasmas) and Ayurvedic Rituals.

    Courses are conducted in following months, which are climatically suitable for foreigners: January, February,March,June,July, August,September,October,November and December.

    Each 100 hour course begins on the first Monday of the month. The courses are five days a week from Monday to Friday: 2 1/2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an additional Yoga and Meditation course with experts in the field of Yoga. the class will be held at the Academy beginning at 8.30AM and run for 1 hour. On Saturdays arrangements will be made for students to visit various Ayurvedic Institutes nearby Pune such as Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden, Naturopathy Clinic in at Urali Kanchan and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Factories as well as other interesting places around Pune. Additionally the Academy sponsors a three part lecture on Yoga, Meditation and Health which all students are invited to attend. Seminars on subjects related to Ashtang Ayurved and parallel subjects may be arranged throughout the courses.

  2. Advanced Clinical Courses

    1. Ayurvedic Herbology + Ayurvedic Pharmacy
      Introduction basic Ayurvedic principles, Introduction to Dravya, Guna, Karma, Rasa, Virya, Vipaka, Prabhav, medicinal plants helping for curing Diabetes, fever, Diarrhea, asthama, skin diseases, heart diseases, Plants useful in Rejuvenation, Aphrodisiacs, hair growth, skin enhancer, Introduction to Ayurvedic Pharmacology various method of administrations of medicines.
      Duration: 3 weeks ; Fees: Euro 650

    2. Ayurvedic Aahar Vidyan (Diet and Nutrition)
      Introduction, Definition of Health, Concept of Nutrition according to Ayurveda, Panch maha bhootas, Rasa, Veerrya, Vipak, Prabhav, 20 Attributes, Rules & Regulations, Classification of Food, Contradictory Food, Assessment of Constitution, Food According to Constitution, Food According to seasons, Food According to Age, Mind & Food, Ama & Detox Food, Diseases & Food Channel affected Visited Dosha Food, Assessment of Own Food, Kitchen Pharmacy
      Duration: 3 weeks ; Fees: Euro 650

    3. Ayurvedic Massage Advanced
      (Req. Completion of Ayurvedic Basic Massage Course)
      Kerala Massage like chiaviti, thalodaal, pizhichil, head massage, neck massage, face massage, massage for specific diseases Sports massage, medicated oils.
      Duration: 3 week; Fees: Euro 650

    4. Profeciency course in Panchakarma:
      (Req. Completion of Ayurveda Basic Course)
      Introduction to treatment principles, types of panchakarmas, selection of patient for panchakarma, (preparatory procedures), paschat karma, (post procedural), diet for panchakarma (Sansarjan karma), Shirodhara etc.
      Duration: 4 weeks. Euro 650

    5. Marma - Advance Course in Marma Therapy
      Duration: 3 weeks. Euro 650

    6. Advance course in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda
      Duration: 3 weeks; Fees 650 Euro

    7. Advance Course of Ayurved and Astrology
      Relationship of tridosha with planets, signs and constellation
      Relation between saptadhatu with planets
      Multiple examples
      Gems- How to use gems for treatment
      Mantra-How to use mantra for treatment
      Duration: 3 weeks; Fees 650 Euro

Syllabus of Advance Course in Ayurved
Any person after acquiring the basic knowledge of Ayurveda, can join this course. The students will be taught in detail about the various techniques of Ayurvedic massage, snehana, swedana, vamana, virechana, nasya, basti and raktamokshana. He will be also taught details about Shirodhara, Shiobasti. The duration of this course is the same as the basic course.

Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment program
Monday to Friday 5hrs/day

Week I (Vagbhat batch)
1. Constitutional Analysis. (Prakruti Parikshan): Practical evaluation of physical and mental condition.
2. The Disease process (Samprapti): Stages classifications and prognosis.
3. Digestive system (annavaha stotras) in health and disease.
4. Ayurvedic message and fomentation. (Purva karma=Snehan swedan).
Week II (Madhav Batch)
Diagnosis and patient examination. (Rogi pariksha vidhi); Method and steps of diagnosis.
(Trividha, ashtavidha and dashavisha); Diagnostic pulse, tongue, abdomen.
2. Respiratory (pranavaha strotas) and cardiovascular (ras-rktavaha strotas) system. In health and disease.
3. Medicated emesis (Vaman) and Medicated purgation (Verechan).

Week III (Charak batch)
Examination of disease. (Nidan panchak); Aggravated states of doshas, Sama, nirama condition.
Doshas and tissues in disease process.
2. Neurological system (majjavaha strotasa): In health and disease
3. Medicated enema (Basti), Mansavaha strotas.

Week IV (Kashyap batch)
Excretory system. (Purisha vaha strotas): In health and disease.
2. Reproductive system (shukra vaha and aartav vaha strotas): In health and disease.
3. Dietary therapy (Ahara chikitsa)
4. Nasal medication (Nasya) and Blood letting (raktamokshan)


Keraliya type of panchakarma & massage

Syllabus of Advance Course in Marma Therapy

  • Anatomy ( relation to Marmas)

    - Dhatu - Srotasa
    - Sandhi - Sira
    - Snayu - Kandara
    - Sandhibandha - Indriya
    - Chakra - Karemindriya
  • Physiology ( relation to Marmas)

    - Dosha - Sub dosha
    - Panchamahabhoot - Ida/Pingala Sushmna
  • Marma
    - Defination
    - Classification
    - According to Structure
    - According to site or location
    - According to size
    - According to symptoms
    - Actual Marmas anatomical sites

  • Marma Therapy

    - bhyanga and Mardana - Swedana
    - Lepa - Sira vedha
    - Agnikarma
  • Kshara karma

    - Dharana. (Ratna) - Shirodhara
    - Basti - Kati Basti / NetraBasti / Nasya / Hrud Basti
    - Shirobasti - Aushadhi chikitsa
  • Marma and Yoga.

  • Marma and Meditation.

  • Marma and Martial arts.

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